About Us

Loudwater Studio is part of Vision Homes Association, a charity that supports people with visual impairments, and other complex disabilities to lead full and active lives. The studio was set up over 15 years ago to provide the people who live within their care to have the opportunity to enjoy creative pursuits at all times.

The Studio is available for the whole community to use. Whether you’re looking for a place to volunteer; somewhere with space to be creative; a meeting space; group activity; somewhere for your children to express themselves through art; a Scout or Guide Leader needing help to complete that craft badge; or have other ideas how we could help we’re always happy to talk to you about your needs and open to new ideas.

Whatever artistic pursuit you can think of, we have it at Loudwater. Has working with textiles always appealed,  we have hand operated and electric machines for you to learn on. Like painting but don’t have the space? We do and we’d enjoy seeing you use it; and if pottery’s your thing we have a potter’s wheel and kiln that you could use. These are just some of the things you could enjoy, but we’re always exploring new activities and workshops for those keen to learn a new skill are regularly available.

We regularly work with groups of mixed abilities, and always ensure that the atmosphere in the Studio is enjoyed by everyone. Set up with disabled access in mind, the Studio is a safe,  and exciting environment with an amazing atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

If you help to support someone to lead an independent life; a member of a group that would benefit from creative activities; have home educated children; looking for activities for health and well-being; or would simply just like to use the Studio space please get in touch and we’ll arrange a tour of the Studio and so we can talk to you about how we can best suit your needs.

The Studio also runs activities out in the local community and are happy to be involved and lead community projects. If you have an activity in mind or are developing a project and would like some creative help please contact us.

No matter what your pace of working, or level of ability we’re happy to support you to achieve your creative ideas. From simple projects to big ideas, we’ll listen and support you step by step all along the way. There’s no better feeling for us than watching someone leave the Studio with a smile on their face, as they take home that piece of art, or handmade gift they’ve created in the Studio.

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Loudwater appreciates any help you can provide, if you would like to make a donation please visit our donations page. Thank you.