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Loudwater believes that every person can be creative, no matter what their ability. Unfortunately, for some creativity is a luxury they simply can’t afford. We’d like to give everyone the opportunity to be creative and you could help with this.
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Listed below are just some of the ways you could help us at the studio to keep ensuring that everyone, no matter what their age or ability can improve their health and well-being with creativity.  Every penny donated goes back into helping the studio to thrive, grow and work with more members of the local community, whether that be through stand alone groups, community art projects or specialist activity days.  There’s so much we can offer, but being a charity, budgets are always tight.  Thank you for your donation.

 £6 can help us provide pottery painting for a child in poverty

Vulnerable Adults £15 can help us provide a creative session for a vulnerable adult

  £50 could help us provide a group activity for adults living in poverty

 £100 could help us provide a creative party for a child in deprivation

Workshops £200 could help to pay for a creative professional to run a workshop for adults living in poverty