Exciting Project with Exotic Zoo

The Animal Kingdom

Scott Exotic Zoo
Scott tells us all about Sid the Snake at Loudwater

We are working together with Exotic Zoo, Telford on our Animal Kingdom Project 

Kindly funded by the Basil Houghton Memorial Trust the project aims to introduce as many different animal varieties as possible to disabled and hard to reach groups and their carers. The human animal bond can bring a huge engagement factor to adults with learning disabilities, with a whole new sensory experience being provided to those we support with visual impairment, immersing people into days which we hope will bring lasting memories and results.

Working together with the fantastic people at Exotic Zoo we have up close and personal experiences planned both in the Studio and at their sensory dome in Telford, and we’ll also take regular trips out to a variety of animal based locations throughout Shropshire.

Each visit will give us the opportunity to learn more about the animals we can find not only locally but also stretching across the whole globe. So far the response to the animals we have met has been really positive, and some fears have been conquered along the way with people touching and holding animals they never thought they’d be able to be in the same room as.

If you have a location in Shropshire with animals that you think we might enjoy or you have a group in mind that may benefit from joining us on our trips out, or experiences in the Studio please get get in touch.