Get Involved

Part of the Charity Vision Homes Association Loudwater is very much a community space and there are many ways you can get involved to help support the Studio’s work.

We offer many different opportunities to volunteer including helping with groups, sorting donations, assisting in our shop and helping with administration. You could even help at home as a Loudwater Creative.  All volunteering time is rewarded with time in the Studio so really there’s nothing to lose.

Volunteering not for you? Why not become a Friend of the Studio? For a small fee you could get involved individually; as a family; or even through your work place.

We also accept donations, if you’re creative your likely to have materials stashed in all kinds of places, so next time you’re having a clear out please remember us. We try to be as green as possible and will always find an opportunity to use donated supplies.

To find out more about ways of getting involved with Loudwater click the links below: