SplodgeOCrock at Home

Have fun painting bisque in your own home or whilst on holiday! Each piece comes safely packed with glazes for you to use direct to your door.  Paint your piece in your own time and return it to us for firing.

Makes a fantastic activity to entertain the children, or simply take some time to indulge yourself in creativity without the worry of Social Distancing whilst creating an individual hand crafted item to give as a gift or maybe just keep for yourself. How does it work? Follow the steps below and we’ll do the rest to help you have a wonderful creative experience in the comfort of your own home.

  • Choose your piece of Bisque from our range
  • All items come with pots of primary red, yellow and blue glaze.
  • If you would like any additional glazes these can be supplied at 50p per pot, please add these to your order. Please note the pictures of the glaze shows the fired end result, your glazes, when they arrive, will be much duller in colour. The magic happens during the firing process.
  • If you want areas of your bisque to remain white, don’t worry about ordering a white glaze, the items will be dipped before firing, giving you a glossy white result in unpainted areas.
  • Your chosen piece will come with a paintbrush so you can get painting. Remember glazes can be mixed together to make different colours so you may want to think about including a painting palette with your order, we can supply these for an additional cost of £1.
  • Items can be collected from the Studio for free. If you are unable to visit the Studio, unfortunately postage costs have to be applied.  Please choose postage (depending upon the number of items ordered) or the click and collect option on checkout.
  • Checkout your order using your preferred way of payment.
  • We will dispatch your order within 5 working days of it being received.  Your order will include full painting instructions and the next steps to your finished piece.

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