Loudwater Studio is part of the charity Vision Homes Association and we have many ways you can help us in the work we do.

Volunteer with Us!

Got a bit of free time? Been thinking about volunteering but not sure where to go, or who to help? You could volunteer with us in the Studio.  We’ve got lots of opportunities for you to get involved with from assisting with groups; keeping the Studio organised and even volunteering from home.  Whatever skills you have we’re sure to find something to suit you.  We also reward all volunteer time with the opportunity to have some creative fun of your own in the Studio.  Take a look at our opportunities from the examples below and check out our Do It page.

Contact us to  find out more about getting involved and make an appointment to visit the studio.

Creative Activities

We work with a diverse range of groups, including Home educated Children and Adults with Disabilities. These groups are always busy and support is welcomed.  You don’t have to be amazingly creative, just someone whose happy to talk to people, who could talk through ideas and can help fetch tools and materials to help people to keep their creative work flowing, there are lots of opportunities to help

Fundraising / Out of Studio Promotion

Do you enjoy chatting to people, could you help us with some out of studio work? We’re keen to recruit a team of volunteers who’d be happy to take the Studio out to the world (or maybe just Shropshire to start)! We currently take a stall at the annual Ludlow Tinsel Market but would like to do more.  Manning the stall is always difficult with only 2 people staffing the Studio and if we could develop a team of people who’d be happy to go out and about to different markets, events, shows and festivals, telling people about the work we do and helping us to raise funds through selling items made in the studio and through collection boxes this would make a huge difference.  Interested? Full training will be given please give us a call to find out more.

Loudwater Creative

Do you love craft and happily craft away at home creating things of beauty but are rapidly running out of space, or people to make things for?  Could you help us?  We’re trying to establish a team of Loudwater Creatives who can help us develop a good stock of items that could be sold to help raise money for the Studio.  We regularly attend the Tinsel Markets in Ludlow but keeping the stall stocked is always difficult.

Promoting the Studio

Not sure about creative activities? How about helping us to promote the Studio? If you’re good with a computer or tablet how about sitting at home helping the Studio to become more known about?  Our workshops, regular activities and group are key to keeping the Studio alive and although we list as much as we can but there are so many free event sites out there that it’s impossible for us to have the time to list on all of them, someone who could help with this and more would really make a difference. Sound interesting?This could be the perfect role for someone undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh who needs to undertake some volunteering and if you’d like to help us we’d love to hear from you.

Work Experience
Whether you’re a Year 9 student looking for a placement, part of the Building Better Opportunities scheme looking for a training opportunity or need to fulfil some volunteering to meet your educational programme, we can help. Contact us in the Studio with your dates and requirements and we’ll be in touch to set up a time for you to pay us a visit and see what the Studio is all about. The Studio is open Monday-Friday 10-4 all through the year and we’re always in need of help and happy to support young people to make a difference.

If you’re interested in any of the above opportunities, or would like a bit more information email us or call us on (01584) 877272.